Zinc Sulfate
Other Name: Zinc Vitriol, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
   Commodity Name: Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate
1.       Molecular Formula: ZnSO °§ H O
Molecular Weight: 179.46
Purity °›94.7%, Zinc°›34.5%
2.       Molecular Formula: ZnSO °§ 7H O
Molecular Weight: 281.56
Purity °›97.3%, Zinc°›22%
   CAS NO.: 7446-20-0
   Character: White crystal
1.       Zn is one of the most important elements for animal growth, Zn deficiency will lead to lower animal immune function and affects livestock and poultry growth.
2.       It plays a vital role in the development of skin, hair, bone, reproductive system, taste and cardiac systems