Hygromycin B
Another name£ºWet amphotericin B
Product Name£ºHygromix;hygromix-8;Hygrovetin;hygromix2.4;hydromycinb;hygrovetine;antihelmycin;Hyaromycin B;Hygromycin B;HYGROGOLD(TM) Molecular Formula£¨MF£©: C20H37N3O13
Formula Weight£¨MW£©: 527.54
CAS NO.£º31282-04-9
Animal type£ºPigs, chickens
Properties£ºWhite powder
Function£º¢Ù. For the pig roundworm, nodular worm, whipworm, and some parasites of chickens in vivo inhibition and kill
¢Ú. Against Gram-positive bacteria, negative bacteria and certain actinomycetes, acid monocytogenes effective
¢Û. Promote growth and improve feed efficiency